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As a podcast talent coach, I help podcasters be better podcast hosts. I use my 25+ years in broadcasting and as a broadcast instructor to craft short podcasts that will help you gain mic confidence, grow your audience and sound more like a pro. Each week I’ll give you a quick (less than 5 minute) tip that will help you sound better the next time you hit record. My coaching style has been described as ‘fun and frank’ – that’s what you can expect from my podcasts. SUBSCRIBE NOW and get just the tip you need to sound more professional and grow your podcast audience.

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000 Introduction to Tim Wohlberg

Tim Wohlberg has been in the radio broadcast industry for +25 yrs as an award winning producer, director & host. Now he’s helping podcast hosts sound great. Find out who he is and why you should tune in to the Just the Tip podcast every week.

051 Are You Focusing on the Wrong Podcast Stats

If you check your podcast downloads and iTunes rank all the time, I’ve got news for you – you might be hurting your chances at success. In this episode, I explain which numbers you should be looking at.

050 How Greed Can Hurt Your Podcast

Are you taking your audience for granted just to make a quick buck? In this episode, I explain how many podcasters fall into the trap of bad promotional content and lose listeners as a result. If you want to keep the audience you’ve worked so hard to build, make sure you don’t make this critical mistake.

049 How Much Time Should You Budget for Podcasting

It’s one of the biggest fallacies in podcast production. Podcasting is a quick and easy way to produce content. In this episode, I get real about the time it actually takes to pull together a solid 30-minute podcast episode.

048 How Perfectionism is a Problem for your Podcast

Is perfectionism getting in the way of you putting out a really good podcast? In this episode, I make a case for giving up on perfect. Think your ego can handle that? Listen up to find out why you should give it a try.

047 How to Use SFX to Make Your Podcast Better

Are you boring podcast your listeners? Here’s how adding a few (well placed) sound effects can grab their attention, convey an emotion and train them to be better listeners (and customers). But, be warned – there is a dark side to the use of sound effects.

046 Should You Ignore iTunes Podcast Analytics?

The new Apple iTunes podcast analytics can help or they can hurt your future as a podcaster. In this episode, I explain how to use the one most powerful piece of this data the right way and avoid a podcast disaster.

045 How to Set Killer Goals for Your Podcast

Downloads and 5 star ratings are nice. So are pats on the back. If you want your podcast to serve your business, you need to set better goals. In this episode, the three steps to doing that.

044 How to Create a ‘Best Of’ Podcast

‘Best of’ podcast episodes can be a way for you to re-purpose old content and give your fans a treat – but only if you do it right. Here’s how to get the best out of best of episodes.

043 Why You Need to Designate a Podcast Bus Driver

Whether you’ve got a co-host (or 2 or 3) or you invite guests on your podcast, you need to have a bus driver. Find out how to avoid having your show end up a fiery mangled mess at the side of the podcast highway.

042 Getting the Most From Your Podcast Mic

It breaks my heart when I hear about podcasters spending a tonne of money on their first mic. It’s not the quality of your equipment – it’s how you use it. In this podcast, I’m going to help you sound more like a pro with 3 mic-technique hacks you can use even with an inexpensive mic.

041 Maximum Listener Engagement

There are three levels to engaging your podcast listener. Most podcasters don’t make it past level 1. Find out how you can step your audience up through the levels all the way to a sale.

040 How to Properly Introduce Your Podcast Guest

Introducing your guest isn’t hard but it IS important. And, lots of podcasters screw it up. Find out if you’re making some of these key mistakes and how to fix them. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll have you introducing your guests like a pro.

039 Get Out! How to End Your Podcast Right

Are you leaving your listener disappointed? If you end your podcast without this critical final element then I guarantee you are. Find out how to get out of your podcast strong and lay the groundwork for your listeners to become fans and customers.

038 How to Make Your Podcast Convert Better

If you’re podcast goals include improving brand awareness, developing a loyal following, and increasing sales then you need to make sure you have all the right parts. In this podcast, I reveal the 9 essential parts of a podcast that will make your podcast convert better.

037 Who Are You Talking To?

Who are you talking to when you switch on the mic? Does he or she have a name? What do you know about them? Can you picture them? If the answer isn’t a resounding, ‘Yes!’ then this podcast is for you.

036 Embrace Your Pre-Podcast Rituals

Call them superstitions, rituals are or just old habits. When you do the same thing before an event, it become part of that event. And, when you skip it – bad things happen. Bad things like crappy podcasts.

035 What’s the Perfect Length for a Podcast?

Wondering what the quintessential perfect length for a podcast is? You’re not alone. Good news. I have the answer to this mystical question and I reveal it all in this episode.

034 How to Hook Listeners with an Effective Podcast Intro

Are you losing listeners before your podcast gets a chance to get rolling? The episode intro is a crucial part of the podcast anatomy. It’s when listeners decide if they should stay or if they should go. Find out the 3 things you need to convince them to stay.

033 Stop Podcasting Naked

If you’re podcasting naked, I beg you to stop. Not because I’m a prude but because I think you’ll sound better when you dress your voice up a bit. In this episode, I’ll explain how to sound more like a pro by using EQ and other audio editing settings.

032 The Art of the Tease for Podcasters

If you’re not using a tease in your podcast you’re turning away listeners. In this week’s episode I explain how to use this powerful and simple technique to attract and keep more fans. And, I share how so many get it wrong.

031 Should You Give Your Guest the Questions in Advance?

You landed a fat fish of a guest. Awesome. Now they want to know exactly what you’re going to ask them. Not awesome. In this podcast, I explain why you should refuse their request and how to do it without losing the interview.

030 What To Do When Your Episode is Crap

I see this a lot in podcasting Facebook Groups. Someone is debating whether or not to publish an episode of their podcast despite it having some glaringly wrong issue. Here’s my advice.

029 Why I Talk to One Podcast Listener

I say listener instead of listeners – all the time. Maybe you thought I misspoke or , I clipped an ‘s’ in editing. Nope. I do it with pure intention and I think you should too. “But Coach, I have hundreds, er, thousands, ah, millions of listeners why would I pretend only to have one?” Get over yourself and listen up to find out why this little trick is the key to making a better connection with you listener.

027 Get More Personal in Your Podcast

Are your downloads not translating into engaged and raving fans? Maybe it’s time you shared a little more of yourself. In this episode, I explain why sharing personal details is the key to turning listeners into fans.

026 Death by Numbers

Numbers can be a powerful way to make or prove a point but like all powerful things – too much can be a bad thing. In this episode, I explain why you want to limit your digits to avoid death by numbers (aka losing listeners).

025 How to Handle Sponsorships Successfully

Congratulations! You’ve got your first sponsor. Before you start dancing all the way to the bank, you better make sure you’re handling it right or you’ll lose your listeners and your sponsor quick. In this episode, I navigate you through the dangerous waters of sponsorships so you can keep your listeners happy and make some coin.

024 – 5 Ways to Generate Podcast Topic Ideas

Every content creator deals with it at some point. Being out of ideas or interviewees. Don’t let it be the death of your podcast or take all the fun out of podcasting. Grab these 5 tips on how to generate great podcast show topics.

023 Does Your Professional Intro Turn Off Listeners?

Are you telling listeners to ‘Go Away!’ in the first 10 seconds of your podcast? You might be if your intro is not on brand. In this episode, I’ll explain how so many podcasters get it wrong – even if they hire a pro to make a slick intro.

022 Stop Answering Your Own Questions

Are you wasting your listener’s time and undermining your guests by answering your own questions? Let me explain why this is has to stop and how you can do it (while still looking smart!)

021 Stop Making Your Listener Feel Dumb

Want to know a quick way to lose a lot of listeners? Assume they know what you’re talking about. In this podcast, I’ll explain the very common mistake that podcasters make that can alienate their listener. And, give you easy ways to correct it.

020 Shit In is Shit Out

   There is no delicate way to say this. When it comes to recording, shit in, is shit out - if you record your podcast with peaking, hot levels it’s going to sound like shit and there is nothing you can do to fix it. I see this question come up all the time in the...

019 ‘Tell us About Yourself’ is NOT a Question

Just because some of the most popular podcasters do it doesn’t mean you need to make the same mistake they’re making. I said it. They’re doing it wrong. Listen up to find out how so many podcasters hand control of their show over to their guests with this one major mistake.

018 Using the Power of Silence in Podcasts

Do you have verbal diarrhea or do you tap the power of silence. In this episode, I’ll explain why shutting up during your podcast may just be what you need to engage your audience and turn them into raving fans.

017 Lower Your Podcast Voice (How to)

It doesn’t matter if your voice is a high-pitcher squeaker or a low rumbler, this one little trick will take your voice down a notch. And, reduce the strain on your vocal cords. You won’t believe how simple it is to sound sexier, more professional and be easier to listen to…

016 A Workout for Your Podcasting Voice

We weren’t all born with deep booming voices but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of what we have. In this episode, I walk you through a couple of great exercise to make sure your voice is warmed up and sounding great before you hit record. Put your spandex on, grab your sweat band and let’s pump up those flabby vocals with my podcasting voice workout.

015 Extro Your Guest Like a Pro

A professional sounding guest extro doesn’t just make you sound good, it can also increase the chances your show will get shared and take care of your audience at the same time. If you’re not paying attention to how you’re going to thank and say goodbye to your guest, you’re missing a major opportunity. Let’s fix that. In this episode, I’ll explain what your guest extro should sound like and how to pull it off in a win, win, win way.

014 Mastering Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions are your friend. And, I’m going to go ahead and play favorites…How and Why are the bestest friends podcaster can have. In this episode, I explain why I have a sticky note with these two words right behind my mic and how I use them to create kick-ass content.

013 What You Should (& Shouldn’t) Edit Out of Your Podcast

Recording a podcast can be time consuming and you might be tempted to publish it as is. Don’t! Unless you’ve logged hundreds of hours behind the mic, your podcast is far from perfect and needs to be edited. In this podcast, I give you a simple guideline for figuring out what to edit out – and what to leave in so that your show sounds natural and has a pace that your fans will love.

012 Kill the Encouragement

Can you imagine, uh-huh, if we wrote, yeah, the way some people, uh-huh, run their podcast, yeah, with a steady stream of, uh-huh, verbal encouragements? It would suck. And if you’re doing this in your podcasts, it sucks there too. Find out what your uh-huhs and yeahs are really saying to the audience and guest and why you need to kill them. Now.

011 Stop Commentating Your Podcast

Are you wasting your listener’s time with pointless play by play commentary of your podcast? In this podcast I explain why you need to cut it out and ‘get on with it!’

010 Should You Script Your Podcast

Sounding like a pro means sounding like you are not reading a script while having the precision of a scripted show. Sound complicated? It is but in this podcast I explain how you can solve the scripting dilemma with ease.

009 Headphones Not Optional

Now hear this. Podcasters must wear headphones when they record. In this episode, I’ll explain why headphones are required equipment and how they’ll help you sound and look more like a pro.

008 Reset Your Podcast

The reset. It’s one of the greatest, most versatile tools and so many podcasters have never heard of it. Let’s change that right now. Listen and discover the power of the show reset.

007 Smile When You Podcast

You want an easy way to sound more like a pro? Smile. Swear to god. It’s just that simple. Don’t believe me? Give me 5 minutes to convince you.

006 Demand a Takeaway

When it comes to listening to a podcast, I don’t just expect a takeaway. I demand it. That means you better demand it from your guest and yourself. Make good on your promise to your listener.

005 Sit or Stand When Recording Your Podcast

A lot of podcasters wonder if they should be standing or sitting when they record their show. That all depends. Do you want to suck? Get ready to rebuild your studio as I reveal how the pros get the most out of their performance.

004 Creating a Great Podcast Intro

Your podcast intro shouldn’t be complicated. The more you add, the more annoying it gets. In this episode, I’ve got just the tip you need to craft a basic podcast intro that will welcome everyone, set the tone and (most importantly) not piss them off. Find out the two things you need to focus on most to create an effective intro for your podcast.

003 How to Listen to Your Own Podcast

There are 2 ways to improve your podcast performance as a host. The first is to pay me to listen to your podcast. The other way is to listen to your own podcast. In this episode I reveal what you should be listening for when you critique your own podcast. If you can’t find ways to improve your own podcast after doing this, you’re an ego-maniac and I don’t even want to work with you.

002 Own the Information You Present

Do you have your guests details right? In this episode I reveal what broadcasters hate the most and a trick I use (every time!) to make sure it never happens. It’s dead simple and will take you less than 5 minutes. Armed with this tip, you’ll impress your guests, your audience and sound like a pro. Just one more tip to help you make your podcast better every time you hit record.

001 Podcast Mic Placement

You want to sound good, right? Mic placement does make a difference and you could be making some really common mistakes. In this podcast, I’ll tell you what not to do, reveal a common mistake and explain exactly how to position your microphone to get the best out of your mic, no matter what kind it is.

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