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Do you ever see that reminder to work on your podcast and think, ‘What? Again? Didn’t we just do this?’ I hear it all the time… once a thrilling endeavor, the podcast starts to feel like a bottomless pit sucking away your precious hours.

This recently came up with one of our clients. She’d just stepped into the world of parenthood and while that is not my domain, I can definitely empathize with the concept of something sucking the life force out of you. Because, let’s face it, babies are adorable little energy vampires… even when they are total bundles of joy.

Anyway, back to my client who recently welcomed a tiny human into the world, the time she used to invest in her podcast felt like an extravagant luxury.

BUT, giving up her podcast wasn’t an option, especially when it was such a stellar lead generator. So, we decided it was high time to dial up the efficiency. And guess what? You don’t need to be nursing a newborn to reap the rewards of a more streamlined production process. So, let’s dive into my top 5 pro tips that will salvage your time, sanity, and passion for podcasting.

Tip #1: Plan Like a Pro

First up on our efficiency expedition: planning ahead. I’ve got a golden nugget for you – a 90-day content calendar. Imagine having a roadmap for your podcasting journey, knowing exactly what’s coming up and when. This isn’t just about time savings; it’s about harnessing that mental clarity to turbocharge your content creation process. Trust me, when you’re not wrestling with last-minute content decisions, your creative juices flow like a river after spring melt.

Tip #2: The AI Advantage

Ah, AI – the modern magician of efficiency. Tip number two? Embrace AI as your trusty sidekick. This tech marvel isn’t just for creating recipes using the three items in your pantry (I mean, it is good for that, but). AI can elevate your podcast game to epic heights. Use AI to conjure up topic ideas, craft script outlines, brainstorm interview questions, and even whip up the nitty-gritty post-production tasks like show notes, transcripts, and social media fodder. Is this AI-generated…I’ll never tell. Want to deep dive into this AI wonderland? Check out episodes 175, 176, and the non-episode (hosted by an AI voice) sandwiched in between.

Tip #3: Channel Your Inner Producer

Here’s the game-changer: adopt a producer’s mindset. First, time spent in preparation for an interview is time saved IN the interview (not to mention the edit). During interviews, start a clock when you hit record and have your trusty pen and paper at the ready. Scribble down notes – golden nuggets that’ll guide your editing process. Solo shows? The same rule applies – notes are your new BFFs. Capture pick-ups, multiple takes – all the juicy bits that’ll save you heaps of time during editing.

Tip #4: Systems, Baby, Systems

Life is better with systems. I could write a mini-book on this topic alone. (Maybe I should — would you want that? Shoot me a message.) For now, here’s a sneak peek. The most important system you should have is your file system. I’m not talking Dewey Decimal here — you should have a folder system that contains your show, it’s assets, and all of the recorded elements with each episode basking in its own organized sanctuary. Get into time management (it’s not just for corporate life). Block out your schedule, set deadlines for crucial production elements, and create a hub for seamless team communication. And templates? Oh, the wonders they work. Whether it’s your production blueprint, episode outlines, show notes, or even email and social media templates – they’re time-saving magic and should be part of your systems.

Tip #5: The Time Saving Powers of Batch Recording

You know how buying in bulk saves you money? Hello, Costco. Recording multiple episodes at once (instead of one at a time) saves you time. If you’re not podcasting from a permanent studio, this trick is your golden ticket. Record multiple interviews or solo shows in one swoop. Pro tip: Align this with batching other production aspects like outlining scripts, research, or email outreach. Your vocal endurance might be your only limit – but you’ll find your sweet spot.

This Shortcut is Not Worth the Time-Savings!

Now, there is one popular “time-saving” production tip that a lot of people are touting and that is to let AI do your editing. Boooo. I do not like this. I can always tell because the edits sound so robotic with every breath removed or clipped. Real people breathe… and they sometimes say um (gasp). If you want to use an AI system to do the big edits, that might be fine as long as you or your editor do the finesse work. You put all this time and effort into your show to build your authority – the last thing you want is for your listener to question if you’re even a real person!

Look at You, All Productive and Stuff

If you’re yearning for productivity nirvana – baby or no baby – put these tips to work. Design your plan, befriend AI, channel your inner producer, embrace systems, and master the art of batching. Oh, and let’s not forget – maintain your authenticity by keeping those robotic edits in check.

Hungry for more?

Eager to tap into my treasure trove of templates and time-hacking systems? You’re in luck! We work on all of these things inside both of our coaching programs – the Concept to Casting Podcast Launch Program and the Podcast Tune-Up. Intrigued?

Secure your free 15-minute coaching session with me. Click right here to access my calendar.


Podcast Coach Tim Wohlberg
Podcast Coach Tim Wohlberg
Podcast Coach Tim Wohlberg

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