Podcasters I work with:

Here are what some of the people I’ve worked with are saying…

Sonia Beeksma

~ TV Personality, e-TALK Canada, Toronto. (Tim Wohlberg) really has a lot of experience and I think no matter how much education and training you get under your belt, getting it from someone who’s been in the industry and who’s been successful in the industry is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have advanced as fast as I did and developed my skills and talents, if it wasn’ for Tim. (Sonia on Instagram)

Andrew Petty – Concept to Casting

~ Host of Andrew Petty is Dying Podcast. In short order, (Tim & Valerie) they took my very vague and unspecific concept into one that was very specific and more powerful. The investment is 100% worth it. You will not be disappointed.

Joy Spencer – Concept to Casting

~ Host of Reframe to Create Podcast. Working with Tim has been a phenomenal experience. I now have a podcast that I love which launched to rave reviews. I get complements on the sound and the crystal clear clarity of my message. Run. Don’t walk. Get working with Tim!

Geraldine Carter – Podcast Tune-Up

~ Host of Smart Strategies for CPAs Podcast. What Tim & Val helped me do was understand what my listeners want from me and then begin to narrow down, simplify and streamline then content that I offer them. That just made my podcast so much easier!

Inna Topiler – Concept to Casting

~ Host of Health Mysteries Solved Podcast. This was the full Package. It was the concept, it was the creation, it was the coaching, it was the marketing. It was amazing. I would have never been able to get this podcast off the ground without them (Tim & Valerie).

Jen Hemphill

~Host of Her Money Matters Podcast

“Tim provided some of the best feedback I have ever received.” “There’s one thing to have downloads but are your listeners really engaged? You will be blown away.”

Chris Rivest

~ Afternoon Drive Host & Award Winning Creative Writer and Creator of The Rivestaurant.

If you’re serious about your podcast or broadcast performance, Tim Wohlberg is the one to have in your corner. His teachings and passion for the trade were the building blocks to get to the level I’m at today, not just in the broadcast booth but as a creator.
His philosophy and enthusiasm goes beyond the classroom and into everyday life. Tim helps you look at things differently. He teaches you not to think outside the box, but destroy the box and rebuild it into what ever you want! I still implement the fundamentals Tim taught me on a daily basis, and I honestly can’t say I’d have the broadcast skills I do today without Tim’s knowledge and encouragement.

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