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Hi, I’m Tim Wohlberg

I’ve spent most of my broadcast career in talk radio. From news-talk, sports and all-guy-radio to female formats and comedy. Along the way I’ve produced financial, designer, health & wellness, food & wine, dog grooming and several other expert shows. I’m an award winning producer & presenter who has discovered the power of the podcast. But when I hear a crappy podcast, I’m out. It usually takes me 10 seconds to determine if I’m listening to a champ or a chump.

Along with directing top major market radio talent and their egos, I also was a radio broadcast college instructor for over 3 years. I know how to deliver compelling content no matter the topic or format. By the way, anyone who’s lasted nearly 25 years in the broadcast world is a little bit nuts. Yup, that’s me. I like to have fun but I like results more.

Even while producing and contributing to the top morning news-talk radio program in Vancouver I taught broadcasting. I was up at 4:30am each morning and then teaching until 5pm.  There’s nothing like LIVE radio. However teaching my craft and passion to students was just as fulfilling. To see people develop their on-air skills, their confidence and their own personality was tremendously rewarding however my life balance was out of wack. The hard part was I truly loved what I was doing.

Now, years later, my wife and I have relocated to wine country and I’m fortunate to still be working in radio at 2 different stations. Life is great but the worst part is I’m constantly yelling at the radio or podcasts for hearing hosts make the same mistakes over and over again. So many people are doing it wrong. They are missing opportunities. My wife finally said to me, why don’t you help them?

That’s why I started PodcastPerformanceCoach.com

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Tim Wohlberg Podcast Performance Coach

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