Podcast Not Performing?


The Podcast Tune-up is ideal for podcasters who want to transform their under-performing podcast into an effective marketing tool that will grow their brand’s authority, drive traffic to their website, and increase sales.



Ever Heard of a Podcast Pivot? 

In this 6-week program, we’ll go back to the beginning to make sure your foundation is solid, realign your content, assess whether your structure is working, and set you up with a revised podcast along with marketing tools to ensure your new show attracts your ideal audience.  

Goals & Targeting

Before a tune-up we need to establish what you want from your show, and who you want listening.

Creative Redesign

We assess what’s working and what we need to shake up. This could be a tweak or a redesign.


Could YOU be why your podcast isn’t performing? We’ll fix that and get you sounding like a pro. 

Custom Solutions for your Podcast and Business Needs

Your business is not like anyone else’s, right? Your podcast shouldn’t be either. We don’t offer you cookie cutter solutions or template ideas. We’re working with you to turn your podcast into an extension of your brand.

    This $1750 USD package includes:

    • Clarification of your goals as they relate to your podcast
    • Precise audience re-targeting
    • Examination of your current show structure to ensure that it that serves your business needs
    • Review of your technical set up and guidance on improved sound quality
    • Performance coaching
    • Re-Launch or pivot show
    • Promotional strategy guidance and support

    About Coach Tim

    I’m Tim Wohlberg, host of the Just the Tip podcast and I want to help make your podcast an effective marketing tool for your business. 

    As a coach, I tap into my 25 years of broadcasting experience (as a host, talent developer, director, instructor and award-winning producer). Expect me to share secrets and proven techniques to help you develop a loyal audience who are eager to connect.  In 2016, I started coaching podcasters full time (although I still dabble in radio for fun). 

    What’s my coaching style? My clients and past radio college students will tell you it’s a combination of straight talk, tough love, and a lot of laughs. I’m all in on making you and your podcast sound great – but I might have to pull off a few Bandaids. 

    Bonus: You won’t just have access to me as your podcast performance coach, you’ll also be working with Valerie McTavish. Valerie has developed television and radio programs on a local and national level and has been a content marketing professional for over 10 years.


    One Last Thing

    Stop wasting time and money on a show that isn’t performing.

    After this Podcast Tune-Up program we’ll ensure that your podcast fits into your content marketing strategy, attracts the RIGHT listeners, and is positioned to drive engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately sales to grow your business.

    This is a Done-With-You approach – we’ll collaborative with you and expect you to step up and do some of the work. It’s going to get a bit messy but when we’re done, it’ll be glorious! 

    By Now You Know – Podcasting Takes Time and Money

     Let’s build a show that makes it worth your investment.  

    Almost there. Where can I send your access to the blueprint?

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