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How All Podcasters Can Keep a Positive Mindset

I’m terrible at this.

Nobody is even listening.

Everyone else has a million downloads and I’ll never get there.

I have a terrible voice.

Each episode takes hours to record and I’m exhausted!

I think it would be better if I just quit my podcast. 


These are actual things podcasters have told me. Maybe you’ve said something similar? 


I know I have which is why I can empathize with their struggles but the truth is that everything they’re saying is wrong. And it all comes down to mindset. Not having the right mindset is what kills podcasts before their time.

Podcasting is a long play. For 99.99% of podcasters it is not a way to gain instant authority or have a quick sudden cash injection into your business. But, it can help you build your brand recognition, generate leads, and make sales easier. If you can avoid the mindset traps. 

On this episode of Just One Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach, I’m sharing the 7 most common mindset traps (that derail podcasters) and the 1 antidote that works against them all.


Podcast Mindset Trap #1 

Perfectionism. Thinking that you need every episode to be perfect is going to kill your podcast spirit. You might be in this trap if you are re-recording stumbles; if you’re meticulously editing out every um or ah; or if you’re missing your release dates because it could be better. Nobody is perfect and frankly, perfect is boring and often feels fake. In fact, striving for perfection can lead to inauthenticity. 


Podcast Mindset Trap #2

Comparison-ism. This might show up as download envy when you hear or see someone bragging about their numbers. Or, you say something like ‘I’m not as good/known/respected/popular as…’ Comparing yourself to others is a waste of your energy and time. 


Podcast Mindset Trap #3 

Great Expectations. Are you expecting too much too soon from your podcast? You might be caught in this trap if you find yourself frustrated that your goals aren’t being met or feeling impatient that your podcast isn’t making you money right away. Setting goals is good but you need to be realistic in those goals. 


Podcast Mindset Trap #4

Scarcity. Do you ever find yourself feeling fiercely competitive with your fellow podcasters? Maybe you feel like someone is stealing your listeners? Or, maybe you see another podcast getting great numbers and you feel like giving up because they are taking all of the listeners or sponsor dollars and leaving you with none? This is a scarcity mindset – the belief that there is not enough to go around.Falling into this trap can kill your motivation to keep going. What if you believe there ARE enough listeners and sponsors for everyone? 


Podcast Mindset Trap #5 

Negative Self-Talk. We’re all susceptible to this one but when it comes to your podcast it can show up like: I sound terrible. I hate my voice. I butchered that interview. This person said no to being on my podcast because they hate my show. I’m a joke as a podcaster and I have no business putting a show out every week. I could go on because I’ve had a lot of podcasters share their innermost self-doubts with me. Needless to say, your confidence can only take so much of this before it erodes and can’t sustain your podcast anymore. 


Podcast Mindset Trap #6

Fixed Mindset. This can show up in two ways. First, as the belief that you know everything you need to know or that your skill level can’t be improved on. The second is that how things are now is how they will always be. This mindset trap is dangerous because you start to believe that your podcast can’t be helped; that it will never be what you want or need it to be, so you stop trying. And guess what happens next? You feel so disillusioned that you convince yourself that it’s not working and it will never work. This is the beginning of the end. 


Mindset Trap # 7

Imposter Syndrome. Ah, yes – the grand daddy of the mindset traps. This one can kill a podcast before it ever gets off the ground but it can definitely hurt existing podcasts. If you’ve ever thought, I have no businesses hosting a podcast. I’m not an expert or there are bigger, more qualified experts. I could never ask THAT guest to be on my little show. Or this one, I’m a fraud and people are going to figure it out soon! This imposter syndrome comes from a fear of judgment and is totally natural. Although, it can happen in conjunctions with the comparison mindset trap and even the perfectionism mindset trap. 


Holy crap – podcasting is a minefield! No wonder so many podcasters give up. Who has the energy to be dodging or escaping all of these mindset traps?

Luckily, there is one single antidote that can help you both avoid and get out of all of these mindset traps. 

Before I share that with you, I also want to add that hiring a podcast coach is an excellent way to navigate the minefield. As a coach, I’ve been able to point out these traps way before podcasters realize they’re stuck in one. And, set them up to avoid them in the future. 

Aside from coaching, let me give you the one mindset reset that is the antidote to these negative mindset traps. 


Focus on the listener. 


Yes, it is that simple. Committing to having a listener-centric approach can keep you out of these traps. Remember that your show is for your listener, not for or about you, but for and about your listener is how you get out of these traps. 

When you show up for your podcast with serving the listener as your primary objective, the rest of these things stop mattering. 

Let’s review those mindset traps again so you can see what I mean. 

Perfectionism. Comparison-ism. Great Expectations. Scarcity. Negative Self-Talk. Fixed Mindset. Imposter Syndrome. 

All of these things have to do with you and your ego. These are your fears.

None of these things have to do with your ideal listener. Your listener doesn’t care that your not perfect, not as experienced as so-and-so, or not getting a million dollar deal in the first year. 

They care about one thing – themselves. They show up each episode with one thought – what’s in it for me. 

When you focus on them, you serve them, and they will keep listening because what’s in it for them is everything. 

And all of these other mindset traps – those are nothing. Those are made up distractions getting in the way of you creating a podcast that serves your listeners like crazy giving them a reason to keep showing up and develop that know, like, and trust that leads to you hitting your podcast goals. 

Harness that listener-centric focus and you’ll be able to sprint through the mindset minefield. 


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Podcast Coach Tim Wohlberg
Podcast Coach Tim Wohlberg
Podcast Coach Tim Wohlberg

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