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 Jayna Marie’s Promotion Plan Generated Massive Downloads in the First 30 Days

It’s the dream. Launch a podcast and instantly have 30,000 downloads. ‘Huge downloads’ is certainly the most common goal I hear in my free 15-minute coaching calls!

The problem is, it’s not a reality for most new podcasters. (And it might not even be the best goal… more on that further down). 

But, one of my clients, Jayna Marie, recently pulled it off. She had an amazing launch for her podcast Big Lash Energy. She got almost 30,000 downloads in the first 30 days of her podcast. 

How did she do it? I thought you might want to know. That’s why I took a bit more time than my usual 5 minute podcast and interviewed her in depth. You can watch this case study interview on my YouTube channel RIGHT HERE

In this episode of Just One Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach, I break down the key things I learned in that podcast launch case study. Make sure you watch the full video to find out how advice she once got from Lady Gaga inspired this huge launch. 

Here are the top three things that she did that resulted in huge downloads in the first month of her podcast. 


1. Have and serve an existing fan base

I’ll tell you the truth. Jayna Marie came in HOT! She had a really large following on social media. I’m talking nearly 25,000 followers on Instagram. And this was an engaged following. They’re as active as she is. And they’re dialed in. She knows exactly who she’s talking to and what they want from her.

So, if you don’t have a big audience to start, don’t worry about it. But start building it now. Get that email list of yours growing. Get people following you and opting in. 

You do that by consistently serving mad value to your audience and other people’s audiences.


2. Do your research and create a plan.  

Finding out how podcasting really works – talking to some coaches, Jayna Marie did just this. And she’ll tell you this in the youtube interview. I’ve talked before about having a podcast launch party but what Jayna did in the way of planning, prep, and building the hype was absolutely over the top awesome! She put in the work. And she had all of this planned well before we even had her first episode edited.



3. Have a kick ass, quality sounding trailer.


Jayna understood that you only get one shot to make that first impression. So the pressure was on to create something that felt authentically her, that spoke directly to her audience and left them wanting more. It took some time, but we didn’t stop working and tweaking it until we knew it was right. Do this and your listeners can’t help but hit that follow or subscribe button.

To sum up – be listener focused and serve your ideal customer, get strategic, and come out of the gate strong! 

You may not apply these tips exactly the way Jayna did but this will serve you too. 

And, to be perfectly honest, you may not get the same results as Jayna (her podcast is 200% higher than the average!) but you may not NEED to get these results. 

Jayna’s goal was to grow an audience completely unrelated to her existing business. She did not and does not intend for this podcast to be a marketing tool for her make-up artistry business. 

Your goals might be different. If your podcast is all about building your authority as  subject matter expert, growing brand awareness, or serving as a direct marketing tool for your business then you may not need 30,000 downloads in the first month. A tenth of that may be all you need to significantly increase your exposure! 

The need for big downloads often comes from ego. There, I said it. 

But you’re an entrepreneur and your podcast should serve your business needs (not your ego’s). So, make sure you are picking the right metric to measure before you start chasing the huge downloads. 

I’ve helped many podcasters that don’t get 30,000 downloads in a month, and they are just as thrilled as Jayna with the results. 

Here’s why. Their podcast still helps them grow their authority. It still serves their audience. And it serves their business by steadily growing over the years. Their show consistently delivers leads for their business because they are consistently delivering great content, serving their community, and helping their ideal customer. 

Having said that, I hope these tips help you launch with more confidence. Make sure you check out the YouTube video – Jayna is awesome and you won’t believe how BIG she went with her launch (all thanks to that advice she got from Gaga years ago!). By the way, the tips are still relevant even if you’ve already launched your podcast. Jayna is stellar at marketing herself like a star using social media and word of mouth.

Oh, and she has over 120 five star reviews in Canada… give her show a listen to find out why her fans love her show so much. Check out hellojayna.com where you can also subscribe to Big Lash Energy. 

Want the kind of rock star treatment Jayna got from her podcast coach? Book your free 15-minute coaching call with me.


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