Podcast Editing PLUS for BSCPA (Geraldine)

$800.00 / month

  • Edit weekly podcast (50 minutes of RAW audio)
  • Production and management of all dynamic ads
  • 45-minute Monthly Production Meeting (upcoming episodes, outlines, guests, CTAs,)
  • Review of Recordings + Recommendation of Improvements (if needed)
  • Email support

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This package includes editing of the weekly podcast as well as producing/coaching support.
For editing, this package includes up to 5 episodes per month (max length – 50min RAW audio). Raw audio must be delivered 7 days before the publication date to ensure on-time publication.
Producing and coaching support may include meetings where we go over your topic or guest ideas for the month ahead at a high level (overview). This means we will have a 45 minute call where YOU present 4-6 topic ideas and/or guests for the next month of shows..
This includes the topic and/or guest and the general thought or idea around the episodes for the month. Basically what is the this topic or conversation going to offer our target avatar. How are we inspiring her/him? What’s in it for her/him?  Together we’ll hash out the basic skeleton of the episode, what to cover, what to ask, actions, steps, stories, examples, theories, statistics, offers, CTA, etc…
Then you will outline these show with more detail by laying out how the episode will unfold. The questions, the flow, beginning middle and end.
Then we’ll go over this together in another meeting. We’ll know exactly what we want out of these topics/guests before we record them.
Additional tech support via email or Zoom is also included.
This package also includes production and management of all dynamic ads / campaigns on Transistor.
Unsubscribe at any time. No refund for unused portions of the month.

Prices are in USD.