The Great Podcast Guest Game Plan – Wait List

How to grow your own podcast audience by optimizing guest appearances without the fear of hurting your business.

Hey Podcaster!

I’m currently working on a program to help you take advantage of being a guest on someone else’s podcast. Being a guest is a great way to increase your reach, attract new listeners, and grow your podcast. BUT, only if you get it right. I hate hearing podcasters squander the opportunity by being a bad guest. That’s why I’ve decided to create this program. 

The goal of this program is to help podcasters grow their audience by being a guest on other podcasts in the most prepared and optimal way.

Here is a quick overview (if you’re more visual, check out my mind map below):

Why Being a Guest is Beneficial

  • Overview of the Guest Exchange Ecosystem (and the Potential Dangers)
  • How Appearances can Grow Your Authority and Improve SEO
  • Examples of Successful Guest Campaigns

Doing Research

  • How to Research Potential Podcasts to be a Guest On
  • Tips for Pitching Podcasts as a Guest
  • Essentials in Researching a Show Before Appearing on It
  • Communicating with Host/Show Before Appearing

Saying No Thanks

  • How to Determine if Being a Guest will be Worthwhile
  • How to Properly Decline a Request to be a Guest (and Not Burn a Bridge)

Preparing for the Interview

  • Honing in on Your Key Messages
  • Creating Cheat Sheets for the Interview
  • Mock Interviews and Practicing

The Art of the Plug

  • How to Promote Your Show or Services without Sounding Like Salesperson
  • How to Use Referencing Effectively
  • Identifying Opportunities to Subtly Plug Yourself


  • Making Sure Your Space is Set Up
  • Assessing Your Gear Needs
  • Testing Their Systems and Connections

Leveraging Your Appearance

  • How to Maximize Exposure with Social Media 
  • How to Use Guest Appearances to Grow Your Authority 
  • How Guest Appearances Can Improve Your SEO
  • How to Create New Opportunities from Past Guest Appearances

Sound like something you might be interested in? 

Then get your name on the wait list. I’ll be giving everyone on the wait list first dibs on the program with a HUGE discount (and a bonus or two thrown in). 

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