Want a Podcast that Generates More Sales?

30 Days to a Better Podcast is a 1:1 coaching package to get you from simply producing content to producing results.


Attract and retain a loyal, engaged audience that converts with ease.


Ensure your podcast properly represents your brand.


Sound more like pro. Be comfortable & confident behind the mic.


Improve production efficiency and consistency with a structured format.

Here’s What We’re Going to Do

I’ll listen to your podcast and rip it to shreds (with love). Then we’ll hop on Skype. I’ll give you my feedback and the next steps you need to take. You go take them and send me your next podcast with those changes. And, repeat. By the end of this intensive collaboration, you’ll come out the other end sounding more like a pro and ready to welcome more fans.

This $497 package includes:

  • My professional assessment of your podcast (report card)
  • 1 x 1hr discovery call
  • 2 follow up coaching calls
  • Actionable advice to help your podcast sound better, connect better and convert better
  • Email access to yours truly and my big fat brain

My Double Guarantee

Your podcast will sound better after 30 days (duh, it’s in the name). If you don’t think it does, I’ll refund your money.

Plus, if I listen to your podcast and don’t think I can help you improve it, I’ll refund your money.

Let’s turn down the suck on your podcast.

Chris Rivest

“If you’re serious about your podcast or broadcast performance, Tim Wohlberg is the guy to have in your corner.”

Jenn Hemphill

“Tim provided some of the best feedback I have ever received…You will be blown away.”

Sonia Beeksma

“I can honestly say I don’t think I would have advanced as fast as I did and developed my skills and talents, if it wasn’ for Tim.”

Bob Staggenborg

“Thanks to Tim’s help we know exactly what we need to do to become a very successful podcast…one of the best moves we have made.”

About Coach Tim

Hey Podcaster! I’m Tim Wohlberg, host of the Just the Tip podcast and your soon to be your podcast performance coach.

As a coach, I tap into my 25 years of broadcasting experience (as a host, talent developer, director, instructor and award-winning producer) to share the tools and techniques proven in radio to cultivate loyal fans and engage audiences. While I still dabble in radio, I’ve been helping podcasters develop their skills for the past 3 years.

As my past radio college students will tell you, I dole out some tough love but I like to do it with a sense of humour. Sure, I’ll point out your weaknesses but then I’ll give you the techniques you need to turn them into strengths.

One Last Thing

This package is not about birthing your show out into the world. It’s about taking it and nurturing it into something you can be proud of and something that actually does what you need it to do – serve your brand or business.

That’s what an engaging podcast will do. That’s what your podcast will do after the 30 Days to a Better Podcast.

Almost there. Where can I send your access to the blueprint?

You'll also get my tipsletter with even more tools to make your podcast engaging.


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