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This is the ultimate guide to building a podcast that converts. Discover the essential elements of an engaging podcast in this comprehensive, 25-page document.

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A podcast has many parts. Each of them work together to engage your listeners and move them forward on their journey with you. If parts are missing, you’ll lose your listeners along the way. That leads to poor engagement, limited conversion and scary ROI. Heck, your whole podcast might come crumbling down! In this PDF, I explain each of the critical components of a podcast. Find out if you’ve got the bones of a good podcast or if you’re missing an important part. It could be why your podcast isn’t getting you the results you want!

I’m Tim Wohlberg, your podcast performance coach. I’ve been in radio for over 25 years as a host, producer and programmer. In that time, I’ve learned how to structure a show for maximize listener engagement. 

I started coaching podcasters in 2015 and the one thing I noticed is that so many of their shows were built all wrong. They had the passion and persistence but they were missing entire parts.  I created this Blueprint to help podcasters understand the power of good show structure and to help them fully understand the importance of each part.

Effective Podcasting Ain’t Easy

Creating a podcast is fun, right? That’s probably why you decided to do this crazy thing. You probably had this amazing idea, and couldn’t wait to get it out into the earballs of the world. People will lap it up, love you and then, of course, become customers. I’ll be the first to say that when it comes to being creative, there are no rules. I feel the same about podcasting… sort of. There are great, effective podcasts that break the all rules. But, if you’re struggling to convert or really make a connection with your listener there could be a number of reasons why your podcast isn’t working and chances are, the answers lay in this Blueprint.  When developing a podcast, some people get caught up in the creativity or the sell of their podcast and don’t deliver the basic elements – the essentials. These lay the groundwork for an effective and engaging podcast. Master these and you’ll be on your way to creating a podcast that converts.

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