Starter Podcaster Coaching Package


Great for those just starting out and a perfect tune-up for the experienced podcaster. Twice as good as the single podcast review because we put what we did the first round to the test.

SKU: PR-002


Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this a while, the Starter Podcaster Coaching Package can help. For seasoned podcasters, I’ll help identify ruts you may have fallen into, crutches you have and break old habits. If you have a specific issue you’re dealing with we’ll dig in deep. For newbies, oh boy! We’ll work on getting you super confident behind the mic and make sure you’re not developing any bad habits before you get too far into your podcast journey. In this package, I’ll review your podcast (or pre-launch demo) and provide you with a comprehensive report card clearly identifying the areas for you to focus on. We’ll have a 30 minute coaching call during which time we can work specifically on those issues including some exercises for later. Once you’ve had a chance to implement these suggestions, I’ll review a 2nd podcast of your choice so we can see your progress and identify ( in our 2nd coaching call ) future areas to continue working on.

If you’re looking to perfect your sound or give your confidence a boost, the Starter Podcaster Coaching Package is for you. We’ll get you revved up for greatness. The reason this is my most popular and most effective package is that you’re held accountable. My follow up critique forces you to implement the techniques I’ve suggested from our first session. It can be used 3, 6, 9 weeks or months after our first session. It’ entirely up to you. This will catapult you to the next level!

Remember, this package includes:

  • A full podcast review (up to 45 minutes in length)
  • Comprehensive 40-point report card with actionable tips to improve
  • 1-on-1 30 minute coaching session
  • 2nd Performance Report Card
  • 2nd 30 minute coaching session