Single Critique and Coaching Call


A quick way to improve your podcast.

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This is simple. I’ll listen to your podcast (any episode of your choice) and provide you with a comprehensive 40-point report card on your hosting skills. Plus, I’ll identify the top 5 skills I think you should work on. We touch on things like, your voice, interviewing skills, audio quality, brand and a lot more.

Before you receive your report card we’ll set up a time to video chat. I deliver your report card a few hours before we meet so you have a chance to read over it. Then we go through it together and devise the best game plan moving forward to improve your podcast. This is a great option for people who really have no idea how they measure up to other shows or for seasoned podcasters to get a quick tune-up.

Once again, here’s what’s included:

    • Review of a single podcast up to 45 minutes (if longer, some portions be skimmed)
    • Full 40-point Podcast Performance Report Card
    • Identification of top 5 ways to improve
    • 1-on-1 30 minute coaching session