30 Days to a Better Podcast (4 weekly INSTALLMENTS)

$125.00 / 7 days

This is a 30 day consulting contract. I will be working with you one on one. Your podcast will sound better after working with me… guaranteed.

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This 30-day package includes:

  • 4 coaching sessions via Skype (ask me anything about podcast performance)
  • My professional assessment of your podcast covering: mic technique, interviewing technique, content development, system set up, voice development, accent reduction, show outlines and systems, etc.
  • Actionable advice to help your podcast sound more professional and make it more effective like: missed opportunities, are you talking to the listener? & who is your listener?
  • Email access to yours truly and my big fat brain

Ideal for Pre-Launch and existing podcasters who need an ass-kicking.

p.s. I’m really fun to work with and love getting results. I’ll throw in the swearing at no extra charge.

(maximum number of podcasts critiqued in 30-day period is 4)